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Packshop offers a flexible rental program* that allows your company to accommodate any temporary or short-term production demands. We also provide an option to purchase the equipment at anytime during the rental period or when you no longer have a need for it you can just send it back. It’s that simple!

By renting machinery, your company can keep its capital budget intact and enjoy the profits generated from the machine's output. Rental payments can be classed as operational expenses, which can free up money for your other capital expenditures.

Rental options are excellent for short term contracts, new product launches, increased production demands for seasonal products, or just to try out the equipment in your own environment and on your own package before you commit to buying it.

Unfortunately, more than 80% of new product launches fail with in the first year. Renting reduces your risk of having idle assets sitting on your production floor due to changes in product demand, package design or even in the materials used. Since our equipment is immediately available, we can reduce your time to market for new product launches while your competitors are still trying to figure out how to get product on the shelf!

Our rental program is month-to-month and can last for as long or as short as you need the machine. So take advantage of a great tool to help solve your increased production needs with reduced capital budgets and jump aboard the rental train.

* Rental options are only available upon approval.


Packaging Machine Rental

Packaging Machine Rental

Material Handling Equipment Rental

Material Handling Equipment Rental

Plastic Pallets Rental

Plastic Pallets Rental

Power Tools Rental

Power Tools Rental

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