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Angle Board

These angle board or edge protectors are durable cardboard pieces designed to improve packaging by protecting the edges of boxes or fragile items from impact and strapping. Offering low-cost pallet protection, cardboard edge protectors help distribute strapping tension and prevent the edges of cartons, pictures or mirrors from getting damaged or crushed. Made from 100% recycled paperboard, these environmentally-friendly angle board / edge protectors are longer than our edge protectors made from plastic, giving them the advantage of safeguarding the whole edge of the item.

Protecting your packages does not stop at wrapping, sealing and strapping your cartons. You may also need to stabilize and secure the carton or pallet itself to ensure the total protection of your goods. Angle board / edge protectors help avoid carton damage and indentation by reinforcing the edge of packages or loads and protecting them from impact or tight polypropylene or plastic strapping. Also known as strap guards, strapping guards and angle guards, our cardboard edge protectors are ideal for safeguarding the edges of valuable items such as mirrors and pictures from damage in transit or storage.

Made from robust recycled cardboard, the angle board / edge protectors will help give all your packaging a professional finish, whether for domestic trade or export business. Supplied in packs of 100, the individual edge protectors are easy to use. They can also be cut down, used as internal reinforcement of cardboard boxes, or used on pallets underneath stretch film to provide additional protection. After use they can be reused or recycled.

Don’t forget that even in storage it’s important to safeguard items from potential damage. Economical, flexible and efficient, our cardboard edge protector is the ideal partner when strapping palletised loads.

Packshop, headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, is a leading manufacturer of angle board and protective packaging systems for a wide variety of industries; perishables, processed foods and beverage, metals, chemicals, lumber, steel and a variety of manufactured goods.

Packshop, has consistently delivered innovative products and solutions to its’ customers. We are the leading producer of angle board and protective packaging systems with multiple manufacturing facilities strategically located across South India to offer a constant supply and quick delivery.

Angle board / edge protectors serve a variety of packaging functions including edge and pallet guarding, unitization, load stability, beam strength, and stacking strength.

Special surface finishes are available, including moisture-resistant and abrasion-resistant coatings. One and two-color printing is also available for branding, product identification and instructional purposes.

Product Specifications, Sizes, and Dimensions

Angle board / edge protector sizes are based on the following dimensions*:

Angle Board Applications

Angle board offers a wide variety of applications that help to protect your products during transport and storage. Our angle board can help to save you money in the long run by protecting your goods during transport. Minimize your losses and decrease the amount of product you have to replace. As well as transport solutions, our quality packaging products provide stable stacking and storage options as well as branding opportunities you might have never considered before. We offer various applications to match your unique needs including coil protection, cold and humid storage, internal and stacking supports, and other sustainable solutions.

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