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Hygiene Pallets

Hygiene Pallets are plastic pallets that are super clean with very little places for ingress or contamination. Their very design prevents any build-up of dirt. Additionally, their design makes them very easy to clean. Traditionally these pallets have a smooth deck on which to place any objects. Mainly used in the food or pharmaceutical industries they are now becoming more prevalent throughout other industries. Hygiene pallets tend to be extremely strong in nature taking anything from 1 Ton to 7 Ton in weight. This means huge loads can be transported easily on a clean pallet. So many of our customers buy plastic pallets and in particular the hygiene pallet. A pallet suited for multiple purposes and can be used in almost any job.

Hygiene pallets have started to appear in retail sites where companies have become more image and brand conscious. Wooden pallets are viewed as a health and safety issue, look dirty and cannot be easily branded. Hygiene pallets can be branded and generally look much better for the brand than their wooden cousins. Available in a variety of configurations, hygiene pallets can be three runner or 5 runners and also two or four-way entry. These super smooth products are the workhorses of the pallet industry and tend to last an extremely long time and hygiene pallets can last decades without showing any signs of wear and tear.

Packshop’s Hygiene Pallets

Getting your hands on a stack of hygiene pallets is a wise decision and something that many of our customers and clients opt for. They are light in weight and can be easily manoeuvred by either a member of staff or by pallet moving machinery. They are also extremely affordable meaning that no matter how many you decide to purchase, your costs are always at a minimal in comparison to other storage and transportation equipment. Hygiene pallets are some of the most reliable, strong and sturdy among our pallet crate product range. As us about which hygiene pallet would best be suited to your requirements and we will be happy to give you a recommendation.

All of our plastic crates here at Packshop are more suitable than wooden pallets for those in hygienic industries. Our top of the range specialist hygienic pallets has 100% smooth surfaces, leaving no cracks or gaps for contamination to build up in, and are made from recycled plastics. This means that any food or pharmaceutical goods which are placed on the pallets will be safe from any harmful external factors. Not only are they ideal for the food retail and pharmacy industries, they can be useful in almost any storage or transportation environment.

Uses of the Hygiene Pallet

The hygiene pallet is ideal for food, meat, and pharmaceutical logistics and for all situations where a perfect combination of mechanical performance and highest hygiene requirements is needed. The rounded corners ensure the smoothest transition through automated conveyor systems and minimise the risk of pallets getting trapped and damaged. The unique design of our hygiene pallets is made purposely without sharp corners and edges with the customer in mind in terms of being able to manoeuvre the pallets about without risking injury. The hygiene pallet has smooth, sealed surfaces, which prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust. They are easy to clean, easy to dry, and a smooth and closed surface. Our hygiene pallets offer the perfect combination of mechanical performance and hygienic requirements. Our completely closed pallets have no cavities, which keeps dirt from accumulating.

Packshop specialise in pallet solutions that can be used across many industries including beverage, food processing, pet food production, medical and pharmaceutical. Due to its integrated reinforcement properties, our hygiene pallets are strong with a high load bearing capacity. A food grade plastic pallet is perfect for use in processing areas as it effectively removes the risk of contamination. A plastic hygiene pallet, manufactured from recycled polythene plastic, is ideal for use in food processing plants and other hygiene sensitive areas. It effectively removes the risk of contamination caused by fibrous material which could be present when wooden pallets are in use. For repeated use, a plastic hygiene pallet can be easily washed. It also features an anti-slip top deck to ensure the highest load safety in transit and provide the safe stacking of empty plastic pallets.

Why Hygiene Pallets have become so Popular

A big reason why the hygiene pallet is so popular with our customers is due to the costs involved. These cheap pallets provide great value for money and are extremely affordable. The upfront costs are not the only savings which could be saved. Save transport and export cost easily by using Eflute Packaging’s hygiene plastic pallets. The modern design and innovative material make the pallet a product with high load capacity and extremely low weight. Benefit from low transport and export costs in addition to trouble-free use combined with a significantly reduced workload for your employees. A saving on the financial side of things and a saving in terms of work that your staff will be subject to.

New health and safety standards were recently imposed and were put in place to ensure the pallets used by food retail companies are fit for business. These new guidelines mean it’s never been more important to pick the right kind of plastic pallets. All of the Eflute Packaging pallet range are fit to abide by these rulings and make excellent products into the bargain. They are built for purpose and the customer in mind meaning that they both abide by the rules but are easy to use from the workforce point of view.

What are the Benefits of Hygiene Pallets?

The benefits of hygiene pallets are one of the main reasons why so many people become interested in purchasing them and are the reason behind their success. In comparison to other pallets in the market, hygiene pallets offer certain features which no other pallet do. Purchasing hygiene pallets is a wise decision which many businesses are taking. Not only are they perfectly suited for certain types of businesses, they are popular out with those industries meaning that they are multi-purposeful and useful in a variety of environments and settings. The benefits of hygiene pallets include:

Hygiene Levels - The Smooth surfaces and curved corners promote hygiene by preventing dirt or water retention and allowing fast and thorough washing. The level of hygiene which can be maintained as part of hygiene pallets features is one of the main benefits and a reason why they attract so much attention. The surface which goods are placed on can be easily cleaned with almost any cleaning surface without causing any damage to the pallet. Pallets with a surface which have holes in them can be difficult at times. With the hygiene pallet, this is no issue. They are quick and easy to clean which is an important aspect of food and pharmaceutical industries and a reason why they are popular in their respective industries. Ask us about the benefits of a clean, hygienic plastic pallet and we will be happy to give you more information on the topic.

Used in many Industries – Hygiene pallets are used in many specific industries, however, they are not limited to those sectors. These industrial pallets can be used in many businesses that are interested in storage and transportation solutions. They frequently appear in the food and pharmaceutical industry meaning that they are the industry standard and can be trusted. Food pallets are products which hundreds of businesses make use of due to their reliability. They are reused time and time again by those businesses meaning that they can be cleaned and sent back again without having to buy another pallet. This reusability is one of the main reasons why hygiene pallets are a popular choice in certain industries.

Branding – Hygiene pallets have been known to market the businesses that they are being sent on behalf of. The in scripted naming which can be placed onto hygiene pallets are a great way of advertising a business to get eyes on the company. The pallets could potentially reach thousands of eyes, so marketing to them is an option which many businesses invest in. Branding on hygiene pallets is easy and can be a cost-effective method of advertising and getting your businesses name out there. Ask us about branding and we will make suitable recommendations based on over 40 years of expertise in the handling solutions industry.

Load Weight – The amount of items that can be placed on top of a hygiene pallet is another reason why it is popular amongst our customers. Our range of hygiene pallets can handle as much as of 7500 kg of loading weight. This means that the weight can be evenly distributed on the pallet without any fears of collapsing or being too heavy to lift by industrial machinery. The weight which can be loaded onto a hygiene pallet is impressive in terms of their size and handling vast amounts is never an issue.

Compatibility – Our hygiene pallet is compatible with almost any standard automatic handling system. From forklifts to lifting machinery, the hygiene pallet is compatible with all of them and can be easy manoeuvred and transported without any issues. They also make great shipping pallets and can be loaded without any difficulty. The weight of the actual pallet itself means that they are lightweight and easy to stack and move. The can be easily lifted by a human without any great difficulties. Now that you know that they can be moved by both man and machine, get in touch and ask us what a hygiene pallet could do for your business.

Design – The design of Exporta Global’s hygiene pallets were made with both worker in mind as well as machinery. The wide width of the entry slots mean that forklifts can easily access the pallets without having to struggle. Pallet trucks should face no issues when lifting the hygiene pallet and should be able to manoeuvre them with ease. The smooth surface and rounded corners also contribute to the easy to handle design meaning that humans can lift the pallets without any nasty surprises. Workers are not put into a risky situation which could result in them being harmed by sharp corners. With the hygiene pallets, this is never an issue thanks to the design.

Strength – Every one of Exporta Global products is made with the highest quality in terms of materials used in production. They are made to last. The strong, reliable, sturdy nature of our pallets is something that we pride ourselves on and making them last as long as they can is something which we focus on. We used polythene plastic to guarantee strength as well as flexibility. Easy to manoeuvre yet strong under a loaded weight. Everything you could ask for in a plastic pallet. Get in touch with one of the leading plastic pallet manufacturers and ask us how we could help you in your purchase.

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