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Reusable Pallet Straps

Reusable Pallet Straps

Strapping has never been easier and more secure. Pallet Straps uses specialized Velcro technology and material to ensure the life of each straps very high. We can custom design the length and widths as per client’s requirements.

Standard widths: 25mm, 50mm, and 100mm

A reusable and versatile strap for materials handling applications in distribution centers, warehouses and closed loop logistics to secure pallet boxes, sleeve packs, and collapsible containers.

These reusable pallet straps are produced out of VELCRO® Brand hook & loop and contain a metal buckle. They are strong, adjustable and easy to use.

Suggested Applications: For use with pallets for internal warehouse storage or other large items.

Velcro Pallet Straps



Reusable Pallet Wrap Cover

2' Reusable Pallet Wrap Cover

Reusable Pallet Wrap Cover

4' Reusable Pallet Wrap Cover

Reusable Pallet Wrap Cover

6' Reusable Pallet Wrap Cover

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Reusable Pallet Wrap Cover

Reusable Pallet Wrap Cover

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