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Roto Molded Plastic Pallets

This type of plastic pallet are with full top surface for easier cleaning and does not accumulate dirt or dust. Suitable for the pharmaceutical and food industries. These are in compliance with GMP/ HACCP/FDA norms of cleanliness and withstand temperatures to -40°C to, 60°C.

Our roto molded plastic pallets are manufactured exclusively from pure, high quality materials and are designed and tested for hygienic compliance. The pallets are molded in one piece, providing consistent dimensions, easy cleaning and an excellent price/performance ratio. Their design and materials ensure stability and low maintenance. Most models are suitable for all standard handling and conveying systems. High standards of quality result in an extremely low damage rate for our multi-use pallets. In this way, our plastic pallets remain a dependable link in your logistics chain even after many years of service. Efficiency and durability reduce costs.


Safer handling, without nails and splinters

Roto molded plastic pallets have no nails, sharp edges or splinters, and no risk of loose component parts breaking free under manual lifting conditions and causing injury to operatives.

No dust contamination issues

There are no hidden pockets or areas where dirt and dust can collect, so plastic pallet surfaces remain contaminant-free. The wooden pallets, especially under conditions of high humidity, are unsightly and unhygienic.

Suitable for hygienic areas

In hygienic areas and clean rooms, cross contamination issues from dust inherent in wooden pallets is of great concern. Roto molded plastic pallets remove these concerns. Our specialist Hygienic Pallets have totally smooth, sealed surfaces, removing any possibility of impurities accumulating in the pallet’s structure.

Easily cleaned

Plastic pallets can be repeatedly steam cleaned or washed, to remove any airborne dust or spilt products, which accumulate on the pallets over a period of time.

Dimensional Accuracy

These pallets are molded under atmospheric pressure in highly polished moulds, ensuring consistent dimensional accuracy and loading capacities.

Long lasting – 10 times longer than wooden pallets

With normal handling and loading within design limits, roto molded plastic pallets has a potential life span of up to, and even exceeding 10 years. When compared with a wooden pallet, this extended life could be as much as 10 times longer.

An investment for the future

Although the initial investment in plastic pallets is higher than the wooden alternative, roto molded plastic pallets are recognized as an asset, and as such their cost should be depreciated over their working life.

Recyclable, environmentally friendly

Environmental issues and questions regarding the sustain ability of forestry have encouraged many users to move away from traditional wooden pallets to plastic pallets manufactured from recyclable materials.

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